Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer: Blog en-us Jennifer Polson Photography (Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) Thu, 14 Sep 2017 17:18:00 GMT Thu, 14 Sep 2017 17:18:00 GMT Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer: Blog 80 120 September Skies ~ Antigonish, Nova Scotia + Big Island Pictou County Last night Hilde Van Den Heuvel and I ventured out into the darkness with little hope of seeing the aurora like I had the night before. A solar storm watch had been issued for Tuesday night, and then extended to last night, so Hilde and I decided to give Big Island a hook. We kept a close eye on the Kp levels but, it didn't look hopeful for us to see any northern lights last night at all.  We did, however have a fantastic night shooting the Milky Way, and we event ran into fellow photographer Hilary Hendsbee who had the same thing on her mind, and two STFX football players shooting with steel wool.  Seriously, when you're out night shooting you never know who you're going to run into, but probably other photographers!  Hilde and I were actually pretty glad to run into the guys on the beach.  Their steel wool lead us right back to Hilde's car, man we walked far!

IMG_3746IMG_3746 Probably one of my most favourite pictures!  Fiona + Nanny IMG_3729IMG_3729 The family trying really hard not to laugh and stay still for 30 seconds, it's not as easy as one would think! IMG_4140IMG_4140 Hilde shooting the Milky Way at Big Island IMG_4170IMG_4170 IMG_4174IMG_4174 IMG_4175IMG_4175

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Coming in Hot + Ski Wentworth Aquaneige 2017 You know those people who suffer from seasonal depression during the winter months?  Well, that's not me!  We spend our weekends swishing + swooshing down the runs at Ski Wentworth in all kinds of weather at various rates of speed, knowing at some point it's going to come to an end, and that just happened this weekend.  THIS is when my seasonal depression starts.

We ski on bluebird days, the coldest of days, and in the shittiest of weather, and then when the season is nearing it's end some of those crazy skiers + snowboarders dress in funny costumes, and catapult themselves into the icy cold waters of the Ender Bender weekends Aquaneige.  I decided this year I wanted to shoot it, so I slid myself under the barrier along side the pools and braced myself.  I knew I was going to get wet, I knew the risk factors of lying next to a big pool of water with people trying with everything they had to make it across without falling into the frigid water, but I wasn't prepared for how wet I would actually get!  I was so cold, and soaked to the bone, but man it was fun.  My camera is still sitting in the camera bag, I'm kind of afraid to look at it!

My parents actually didn't ski when we were kids, but we always had a season pass to Keppoch.  They'd drop us off early in the morning, and we didn't leave until the last t-bar ran that night.  It's how I grew up, then it closed.  Years went by before I fell in love with the sport all over again, and I knew that I had to give my kids the same opportunity I had.  There's no better place for a family, for kids, for anyone!  Our kids entered the ski + snowboard programs when they were little, and have now gone onto instructing.  That makes me so frigging proud!

Ski Wentworth, you're the best thing since sliced bread, your staff is top notch, and the beer at Ducky's are always cold! You make us wish winter would never end, we have made some incredible memories and some incredible friendships over the years!  We will miss you, but we'll see you next year, or maybe even this weekend......wink wink......


Aquaneige 2017 IMG_5104IMG_5104 IMG_5135IMG_5135 IMG_5254IMG_5254 IMG_5360IMG_5360 IMG_5394IMG_5394 IMG_5380IMG_5380 IMG_5425IMG_5425 IMG_5446IMG_5446 IMG_5468IMG_5468 IMG_5478IMG_5478 IMG_5484IMG_5484 IMG_5516IMG_5516 IMG_5591IMG_5591 IMG_5643IMG_5643 IMG_5790IMG_5790 IMG_5796IMG_5796 IMG_5891IMG_5891 IMG_5922IMG_5922 IMG_5908IMG_5908

(Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) aquaneige chairlift costume ender bender jennifer Polson photography jump nova scotia pool retro day retro ski ski ski Wentworth skis snowboard snowboarding swim water wentworth valley, Tue, 04 Apr 2017 22:46:04 GMT
Baby Barrett's Beautiful Baby Shower ~ Antigonish Photographer Kora and Stephen are living on the other side of the world, and were home at Christmas time to spend it with their families before Little Baby Barrett arrives in a few months.  Right now, I am sure they are suffering from tremendous heat waves, while we are walking around wrapped in thermal undies, and skating to wherever we need to be.  Hopefully, it's not too hot.  Sheesh, heat and pregnancy made me very uncomfortable!

I am going to let the pictures tell the story.  They all had way too much fun for me to try and explain it to you, so have a look!  There was loads of laughter, a wee bit of spilled milk, and for some reason the ladies were wearing diapers!  Oh my!


Good luck guys, and congratulations!  Baby Barrett is becoming a part of two beautiful and loving families!


Venue:  Gabrieau's

Decorating:  Jacqueline Stephenson


IMG_6238IMG_6238 IMG_6107IMG_6107 IMG_6111IMG_6111 IMG_6199IMG_6199 IMG_6227IMG_6227 IMG_6315IMG_6315 IMG_6149IMG_6149 IMG_6157IMG_6157 IMG_6223IMG_6223 IMG_6242IMG_6242 IMG_6336IMG_6336 IMG_6343IMG_6343 IMG_6365IMG_6365 IMG_6390IMG_6390 IMG_6396IMG_6396 IMG_6402IMG_6402 IMG_6420IMG_6420 IMG_6548IMG_6548 IMG_6612IMG_6612 IMG_6429IMG_6429 IMG_6434IMG_6434 IMG_6452IMG_6452 IMG_6465IMG_6465 IMG_6475IMG_6475 IMG_6480IMG_6480 IMG_6489IMG_6489 IMG_6495IMG_6495 IMG_6499IMG_6499 IMG_6508IMG_6508 IMG_6519IMG_6519 IMG_6546IMG_6546 IMG_6556IMG_6556 IMG_6561IMG_6561 IMG_6572IMG_6572 IMG_6575IMG_6575 IMG_6599IMG_6599 IMG_6607IMG_6607 IMG_6635IMG_6635 IMG_6626IMG_6626 IMG_6645IMG_6645 IMG_6652IMG_6652 IMG_6671IMG_6671 IMG_6685IMG_6685 IMG_6280IMG_6280 IMG_6274IMG_6274 IMG_6289IMG_6289 IMG_6688IMG_6688 IMG_9374IMG_9374 IMG_6674IMG_6674 IMG_6678IMG_6678 IMG_9377IMG_9377 IMG_9376IMG_9376 IMG_9380IMG_9380

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Surprise ~ Antigonish Photographer This was a slightly different family session, of course we did the typical family portraits, but the girls had a very special surprise in store for their parents.  Christa pulled me aside just before we started with the photos and she said "We're really relying on you getting our parents to the party."  I must say my heart skipped a little beat, could I pull this off?  Hell yes, I can pull it off.  I have known Gerard and Elaine from my past years as a medical secretary, and they don't live too far from me, so I was prepared to lie my ass off to get them to Crystal Cliffs!

They are a wonderful couple with a beautiful family who love them to the moon and back!  The girls put a lot of work, and long hours into getting ready for this special occasion, and kudos to them for keeping it all a secret.

I was told before I left that day that my lying skills could get me a job with the RCMP special ops units.  HAHAHA....Good to know if this photography gig doesn't go anywhere.

Venue:  Crystal Cliffs

Decorating:  Michelle Cameron



IMG_2828IMG_2828 IMG_2889IMG_2889 IMG_2897IMG_2897 IMG_2939IMG_2939 IMG_2957IMG_2957 IMG_3004IMG_3004 IMG_3054IMG_3054 IMG_3099IMG_3099 IMG_3180IMG_3180 IMG_3266IMG_3266 IMG_3291IMG_3291 IMG_2932IMG_2932 IMG_2993IMG_2993 IMG_3192IMG_3192 IMG_3214IMG_3214 IMG_3451IMG_3451 IMG_3450IMG_3450 IMG_3456IMG_3456 IMG_3471IMG_3471 IMG_3479IMG_3479 IMG_3483IMG_3483 IMG_3477IMG_3477 IMG_3488IMG_3488 IMG_3492IMG_3492 IMG_3494IMG_3494 IMG_3497IMG_3497 IMG_3508IMG_3508 IMG_3511IMG_3511 IMG_3521IMG_3521 IMG_3527IMG_3527 IMG_3539IMG_3539 IMG_3549IMG_3549 IMG_3577IMG_3577 IMG_3579IMG_3579 IMG_3594IMG_3594 IMG_3607IMG_3607 IMG_3618IMG_3618 IMG_3657IMG_3657 IMG_3696IMG_3696 IMG_3699IMG_3699 IMG_3704IMG_3704 IMG_3717IMG_3717 IMG_3739IMG_3739 IMG_3770IMG_3770 IMG_3773IMG_3773 IMG_3822IMG_3822 IMG_3824IMG_3824 IMG_3831IMG_3831 IMG_3864IMG_3864 IMG_3874IMG_3874 IMG_3889IMG_3889

(Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) Antigonish Antigonish Photographer Antigonish Portrait Photographer Antigonish Wedding Photographer Jennifer Polson Photography Crystal Cliffs Jennifer Polson Photography Nova Scotia S.T.F.X. STFX St. Francis Xavier University Thu, 23 Oct 2014 17:05:08 GMT
The MacDonald's ~ Antigonish Photographer Every year we go for a walk in the woods for some pretty fun family photos, tree climbing, and leaf collecting.  My husband and I both come from a large family, I am the oldest of 6, and he's the youngest of 16, we get it.  We get what it is like coming from a big family.  These guys have it nailed down perfectly!  They are raising beautiful, happy and loving children, and I am so happy I get to see who they are becoming.

See ya next year!


IMG_9293IMG_9293 IMG_9305IMG_9305 IMG_9318IMG_9318 IMG_9326IMG_9326 IMG_9345IMG_9345 IMG_9359IMG_9359 IMG_9415IMG_9415 IMG_9545IMG_9545 IMG_9561IMG_9561 IMG_9647IMG_9647 IMG_9672IMG_9672 IMG_9600IMG_9600

(Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) Antigonish Photographer Antigonish Portrait Photographer Antigonish Wedding Photographer Jennifer Polson Photography Jennifer Polson Photography Nova Scotia Wed, 22 Oct 2014 20:15:21 GMT
A Long Time Comin' ~ Antigonish Photographer It has taken almost a year to finally get these pretty pictures done.  Carlie and I tried a few times, but things just didn't work out!  Wanna know what the best part about this shoot was?  Shooting these awesome people, they were a whole lot of fun to work with!


IMG_4854IMG_4854 IMG_4880IMG_4880 IMG_4971-EditIMG_4971-Edit IMG_5008IMG_5008 IMG_5171-EditIMG_5171-Edit IMG_4988IMG_4988 IMG_5029IMG_5029 IMG_5289IMG_5289 IMG_5057IMG_5057 IMG_5249-EditIMG_5249-Edit IMG_5149IMG_5149 IMG_5222-EditIMG_5222-Edit IMG_4904IMG_4904 IMG_4955-EditIMG_4955-Edit

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The Aurora Borealis ~ Arisaig, Nova Scotia Well, this was a pretty fun night!  I left the house around 8:30 or so not really expecting to get anything at all, but I did!  I still can't get over witnessing something I never thought I'd see in our part of the world.  What an incredible experience, and not one I will ever forget.  Many people were asking me when I was out and what time it was, so here ya go.  Underneath each picture is the time it was taken.


IMG_4776IMG_4776 8:49 p.m. IMG_4780IMG_4780 8:52 p.m.
IMG_4793IMG_4793 9:22 p.m. IMG_4803IMG_4803 9:32 p.m. IMG_4807IMG_4807 9:36 p.m. IMG_4811IMG_4811 9:40 p.m.
IMG_4832IMG_4832 10:12 p.m. IMG_4838IMG_4838 10:22 p.m.

(Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) Antigonish Antigonish Photographer Arisaig, Nova Scotia Aurora Borealis Jennifer Polson Photography Northern Lights Nova Scotia Mon, 15 Sep 2014 16:19:24 GMT
2014 Fall Mini Sessions AND It's Contest Time Again ~ Antigonish Photographer Well, it's hard to believe that summer is coming to a close, school is about to start (insert happy dance here), and we're preparing ourselves for the change in weather.  I love the changing seasons, the anticipation of the fall colours, the snow that's going to fall, and then before you know it, we'll be back to spring and summer again.


Sometimes I have to think ahead, and start promoting events that could be useful for clients who are looking for gifts for their family members for Christmas.....eeekkk......I can't believe I said it.   Don't shoot me.  It's coming and these do make great gifts!


2014 Fall Mini's


Mini sessions are where you book a block of time with me to have your family photos done, in this case they're twenty minutes.  If you'd like to book a fall mini session, or  have questions send an email to:


It's Contest Time!


I cannot believe that it has been three years since my Nominate Someone Special Contest.  One of the most incredible families I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with won that contest.  So, lets do it again!


Announcing the 2014 Nominate Someone Special Contest.  If you know of someone who has made an impact on your life or someone else's, and you would like to nominate them, send me a letter telling me why.  I want to hear their story.  Email your nomination letter to me at:  Contest closes at midnight October 15, 2014.


Do me a favour will ya and help me get the word out!  Click those social media buttons!


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Holly + Allan ~ Antigonish Photographer ~ Meet Mr. & Mrs. Berkvens!


Holly and Allan were married at the St.F.X. Chapel in May.  They had a beautiful ceremony on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  The day was not only just about them as they begin their lives together, but it was very important to incorporate as much of St.F.X. as possible.  From Holly's black and gold heels, to her gold and black nail polish, it was definitely an Alumni event!




I want to send out a huge THANKS to my good friend Liam Hennessey of Applehead Studio Photography for being my second shooter.  Thank you!

Flowers:  MacKean's Flowers

Venue:  Keating Centre

Bridal Portraits:  Maritime Inn Antigonish and Victorian Inn Antigonish

Decorating:  Michelle Cameron Event Decorating

Berkvens-1Berkvens-1 Berkvens-13Berkvens-13 Berkvens-16Berkvens-16 Berkvens-17Berkvens-17 Berkvens-18Berkvens-18 Berkvens-21Berkvens-21 Berkvens-27Berkvens-27 Berkvens-47Berkvens-47 Berkvens-53Berkvens-53 Berkvens-54Berkvens-54 Berkvens-64Berkvens-64 Berkvens-62Berkvens-62 Berkvens-86Berkvens-86 Berkvens-98Berkvens-98 Berkvens-117Berkvens-117 Berkvens-91Berkvens-91 Berkvens-122Berkvens-122 Berkvens-130Berkvens-130 Berkvens-141Berkvens-141 Berkvens-146Berkvens-146 Berkvens-150Berkvens-150 Berkvens-153Berkvens-153 Berkvens-167Berkvens-167 Berkvens-179Berkvens-179 Berkvens-212Berkvens-212 Berkvens-245Berkvens-245 Berkvens-248Berkvens-248 Berkvens-272Berkvens-272 Berkvens-310Berkvens-310 Berkvens-313Berkvens-313 Berkvens-318Berkvens-318 Berkvens-330Berkvens-330 Berkvens-347Berkvens-347 Berkvens-338Berkvens-338 Berkvens-342Berkvens-342 Berkvens-350Berkvens-350 Berkvens-353Berkvens-353 Berkvens-357Berkvens-357 Berkvens-366Berkvens-366 Berkvens-373Berkvens-373 Berkvens-380Berkvens-380 Berkvens-385Berkvens-385 Berkvens-391Berkvens-391 Berkvens-399Berkvens-399 Berkvens-412Berkvens-412 Berkvens-423Berkvens-423 Berkvens-424Berkvens-424 Berkvens-429Berkvens-429 Berkvens-430Berkvens-430 Berkvens-431Berkvens-431 Berkvens-432Berkvens-432 Berkvens-435Berkvens-435 Berkvens-437Berkvens-437 Berkvens-443Berkvens-443 Berkvens-449Berkvens-449 Berkvens-450Berkvens-450 Berkvens-445Berkvens-445 Berkvens-452Berkvens-452 Berkvens-455Berkvens-455 Berkvens-457Berkvens-457 Berkvens-458Berkvens-458 Berkvens-460Berkvens-460 Berkvens-476Berkvens-476 Berkvens-480Berkvens-480 Berkvens-465Berkvens-465 Berkvens-482Berkvens-482 Berkvens-483Berkvens-483 Berkvens-485Berkvens-485 Berkvens-481Berkvens-481 Berkvens-468Berkvens-468 Berkvens-496Berkvens-496 Berkvens-501Berkvens-501 Berkvens-505Berkvens-505 Berkvens-509Berkvens-509 Berkvens-512Berkvens-512 Berkvens-513Berkvens-513 Berkvens-516Berkvens-516 Berkvens-528Berkvens-528 Berkvens-529Berkvens-529 Berkvens-530Berkvens-530 Berkvens-531Berkvens-531 Berkvens-533Berkvens-533 Berkvens-535Berkvens-535 Berkvens-539Berkvens-539 Berkvens-540Berkvens-540 Berkvens-541Berkvens-541 Berkvens-542Berkvens-542 Berkvens-545Berkvens-545

(Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) Antigonish Antigonish Photographer Antigonish Portrait Photographer Antigonish Wedding Photographer Jennifer Polson Photography Jennifer Polson Photography Nova Scotia St. Francis Xavier University Mon, 25 Aug 2014 17:36:52 GMT
Candace + Andrew ~ Antigonish Wedding Photographer When two Antigonish families join together and say I DO!  I wanna be there, I was there!  Man, what a time at this one!  Candace wrote me early in the week slightly panicked about Hurricane Arthur, and the havoc he was ready to aim at us, but the day of the wedding by 2:00 p.m. the skies parted and we had a windy but fabulous wedding day.  It was full of laughs and hugs and we all knew there was a special someone not far from Candace's heart that day.  I have known both of Candace and Andrew's families since like forever.  In fact, Candace and I are related, I'm not sure she knew that until a few days before her wedding.


They worked really hard to make their day so special, right down to all of the little decorating details, and the involvement of their many family and friends.  Thanks guys you were fantastic to work with.


Oh, and on a little side note, no idea if the bride and groom know this, but they will now!  When I filled my last memory card to the max, I walked off the stage and down the stairs missing the last step, falling to my knees (I skinned them), and sending their beautiful cake table flying half way across the dance floor.  Jesus!  I was picked up by some very helpful ladies who were on the dance floor and thought they had knocked me over.  Yeah, lets go with that I thought.  ha ha.....Luckily the cake and table, and my camera were A-Okay!  None of them hit the floor!


Hashtag:  #candyandandy

Venue:  St. Ninian Place

Decorating:  Joan and Neil MacIsaac

Bridal Party Photos:  The Antigonish Victorian Inn

Cake:  Brittany Garvie

Makeup:  Kelly Farrell  Devine Beauty Mobile Esthetics

Band:  Merimac

IMG_6506IMG_6506 IMG_6538IMG_6538 IMG_6531IMG_6531 IMG_6580IMG_6580 IMG_6610IMG_6610 IMG_6618IMG_6618 IMG_6644IMG_6644 IMG_6647IMG_6647 IMG_6682IMG_6682 IMG_6738IMG_6738 IMG_6741IMG_6741 IMG_6786IMG_6786 IMG_6817IMG_6817 IMG_6885IMG_6885 IMG_6905IMG_6905 IMG_6945IMG_6945 IMG_6980IMG_6980 IMG_7004IMG_7004 IMG_7022IMG_7022 IMG_7027IMG_7027 IMG_7029IMG_7029 IMG_7065IMG_7065 IMG_7056IMG_7056 IMG_7142IMG_7142 IMG_7164IMG_7164 IMG_7195IMG_7195 IMG_7222IMG_7222 IMG_7251IMG_7251 IMG_7267IMG_7267 IMG_7331IMG_7331 IMG_7381IMG_7381 IMG_7508IMG_7508 IMG_7523IMG_7523 IMG_7618IMG_7618 IMG_7608IMG_7608 IMG_7635IMG_7635 IMG_7656IMG_7656 IMG_7672IMG_7672 IMG_7719IMG_7719 IMG_7720IMG_7720 IMG_7733IMG_7733 IMG_7756IMG_7756 IMG_7819IMG_7819 IMG_7821IMG_7821 IMG_7838IMG_7838 IMG_7856IMG_7856 IMG_7881IMG_7881 IMG_7886IMG_7886 IMG_7891IMG_7891 IMG_7931IMG_7931 IMG_7941IMG_7941 IMG_7954IMG_7954 IMG_7960IMG_7960 IMG_7961IMG_7961 IMG_7965IMG_7965 IMG_7981IMG_7981 IMG_8011IMG_8011 IMG_8074IMG_8074 IMG_8100IMG_8100 IMG_8109IMG_8109 IMG_8137IMG_8137 IMG_8149IMG_8149 IMG_8176IMG_8176 IMG_8180IMG_8180 IMG_8182IMG_8182 IMG_8200IMG_8200 IMG_8226IMG_8226 IMG_8254IMG_8254 IMG_8265IMG_8265 IMG_8415IMG_8415 IMG_8430IMG_8430 IMG_8438IMG_8438 IMG_8480IMG_8480 IMG_8536IMG_8536 IMG_8589IMG_8589 IMG_8612IMG_8612 IMG_8630IMG_8630 IMG_8641IMG_8641 IMG_8665IMG_8665 IMG_8657IMG_8657 IMG_8681IMG_8681 IMG_8689IMG_8689 IMG_8802IMG_8802 IMG_8728IMG_8728 IMG_8816IMG_8816

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Sara + Matthew ~ New Glasgow Wedding Photographer ~ What a time I had with these beautiful people!  I mean really, my weddings keep getting better and better.  I meet the nicest people with the nicest family and friends and we get to hang out together all day.  What more could I ask for!


Venue:  Summer Street Industries New Glasgow

Flowers:  MacKean's New Glasgow IMG_3771IMG_3771 IMG_3854IMG_3854 IMG_3858IMG_3858 IMG_3789IMG_3789 IMG_3797IMG_3797 IMG_3809IMG_3809 IMG_3823IMG_3823 IMG_3880IMG_3880 IMG_3917IMG_3917 IMG_3929IMG_3929 IMG_3956IMG_3956 IMG_3979IMG_3979 IMG_4004IMG_4004 IMG_4032IMG_4032 IMG_4089IMG_4089 IMG_4161IMG_4161 IMG_4102IMG_4102 IMG_4151IMG_4151 IMG_4181IMG_4181 IMG_4189IMG_4189 IMG_4010IMG_4010 IMG_4269IMG_4269 IMG_4290IMG_4290 IMG_4262IMG_4262 IMG_4342IMG_4342 IMG_4426IMG_4426 IMG_4454IMG_4454 IMG_4529IMG_4529 IMG_4539IMG_4539 IMG_4599IMG_4599 IMG_4643IMG_4643 IMG_4645IMG_4645 IMG_4719IMG_4719 IMG_4787IMG_4787 IMG_4795IMG_4795 IMG_4797IMG_4797 IMG_4861IMG_4861 IMG_4966IMG_4966 IMG_4984IMG_4984 IMG_4987IMG_4987 IMG_5140IMG_5140 IMG_5125IMG_5125 IMG_5131IMG_5131 IMG_5146IMG_5146 IMG_5033IMG_5033 IMG_5235IMG_5235 IMG_5239IMG_5239 IMG_5274IMG_5274 IMG_5278IMG_5278 IMG_5280IMG_5280 IMG_5284IMG_5284 IMG_5285IMG_5285 IMG_5326IMG_5326 IMG_5377IMG_5377 IMG_5380IMG_5380 IMG_5384IMG_5384 IMG_5503IMG_5503 IMG_5509IMG_5509 IMG_5546IMG_5546 IMG_5547IMG_5547 IMG_5555IMG_5555 IMG_5561IMG_5561 IMG_5570IMG_5570 IMG_5614IMG_5614 IMG_5689IMG_5689 IMG_5696IMG_5696 IMG_5698IMG_5698 IMG_5772IMG_5772 IMG_5777IMG_5777 IMG_5789IMG_5789 IMG_5805IMG_5805 IMG_5823IMG_5823 IMG_5824IMG_5824 IMG_5834IMG_5834 IMG_5838IMG_5838 IMG_5858IMG_5858 IMG_6001IMG_6001 IMG_6010IMG_6010 IMG_6019IMG_6019 IMG_6052IMG_6052 IMG_6060IMG_6060 IMG_6067IMG_6067

(Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) Antigonish Antigonish Photographer Antigonish Portrait Photographer Antigonish Wedding Photographer Jennifer Polson Photography Jennifer Polson Photography Nova Scotia Tue, 29 Jul 2014 15:56:02 GMT
The Keppoch ~ Antigonish Photographer A few Sundays ago I awoke to the most incredible morning.  The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and through the night we received a beautiful dumping of snow.  There was absolutely no wind that day, the temperature was perfect and everything looked so majestic.  My friend Marg sent me a message asking if I wanted to go snowshoeing, and I was all over it.  We grabbed Shauna and off we went to The Keppoch for a beautiful afternoon of snowshoeing up Summit Loop.  The Keppoch is finding some new life with the work of many very dedicated and hardworking people.  Their group is called Positive Action for Keppoch Society, which was started in 2010 with the goal of it becoming a recreational gem for the surrounding area.  The day we were there Dr. John Chiasson and his wife Barb took us into the lodge for a little tour.  Greg Stewart came along shortly after his snowshoe.  After speaking with them for just a few minutes you could tell just how proud they are of what the mountain is becoming.  The Keppoch isn't a fully operational ski hill anymore, but there's nothing stopping you from taking your boards or skis with you.  You can hike the mountain and ride down!  I know of a couple of people who have done so, and say riding through the fresh pow is incredible!  Apparently, in the works for this year when the snow has melted The Keppoch members have plans to clear some of the ski trails so people can do just that on a regular basis.


Recently I had a conversation with Jason Mason, and we got to talking about our days at Keppoch, and all of the memories we have of the times we spent on that mountain.  Jason said it best in a message he sent to me "I miss the Keppoch ski culture.  It always matters to me.  The time I spent on the hill.  It matters.  It mattered then.  It always feels like an accomplishment when I walk away from a day of riding."  Jason said it perfectly.  That's exactly how I feel after our family has finished a day on the slopes.  Our ski hill is now Ski Wentworth, which is about an hour and a half from our door, but the drive is totally worth it.  We spend time together as a family, and there isn't a day I ski at Wentworth that I don't remember my days at Keppoch.  It was a large part of my youth, and an experience I am happy to share with my children.  I am sure many of you Keppoch people remember Jason, and read about him most recently in The Casket's article From the Keppoch to Whistler about his company Mason Industries.  Jason's company is making water repellent, breathable stretch denim to wear while hitting the slopes or any other winter activity.  His dream came about from his many years spent riding in jeans.  How cool is that?  I remember Jason wearing jeans at The Keppoch, that's exactly how I picture him when I think back to those days.


We had a beautiful day on the mountain that Sunday, I honestly didn't want to leave.  This summer I hope to get my kids out there to do some mountain biking, I hear lots of good stories from several of our friends who take their children there.  Even though The Keppoch is not what I remember it as a kid, it's going to be a mountain that still creates those special memories for the kids of today and their families.


You can connect with The Keppoch Facebook Page and Mason Industries Facebook Page by liking them to stay up to date on what their next plans are.  Feel free to share your past or current memories of The Keppoch in the comments below!  I'd love to hear them.  Somewhere out there I believe Dave Turner has a copy of a photo taken of myself and the "Junior Ski Patrol."  I have no idea how old I was, but I remember standing at the top of Lullabye with a group of us for the photo.  Dave made me head of the Junior's that year, man did I feel important.  I had to take the ski patrol course, and I even got to wear the fanny pack, oh and the best was getting to cut that long crazy line for the t-bar on a busy saturday!


IMG_6359IMG_6359 IMG_6365IMG_6365 IMG_6385IMG_6385 IMG_6387IMG_6387 IMG_6388IMG_6388

(Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) Antigonish Antigonish Photographer Jennifer Polson Photography Keppoch Nova Scotia The Keppoch Tue, 04 Feb 2014 17:55:29 GMT
Stormy Weather ~ Antigonish Landscape Photographer I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods today, but here's a little peak at what's going on in Arisaig.  I wouldn't have normally gone outside today, I mean really look at it!  But, the kids were dismissed early from school, and I was killing time.  What a day!! IMG_6188IMG_6188 IMG_6224IMG_6224 IMG_6230IMG_6230 IMG_6240IMG_6240 IMG_6297IMG_6297 IMG_6321IMG_6321 IMG_6322IMG_6322 IMG_6454IMG_6454 IMG_6428IMG_6428 IMG_6409IMG_6409

(Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) Antigonish Landscape Photographer Antigonish Photographer Arisaig Beach Jennifer Polson Photography Landscape Nova Scotia Storm Waves Wed, 04 Dec 2013 18:06:14 GMT
Waiting for Santa ~ Antigonish Baby Photographer I must say I am pretty lucky to have such a talented model when I want to test out new props in my studio!  This funky Christmas tutu made by Stef at LilyBug Tutus is the cutest!!  I know there are a few little girls coming for the mini sessions on Saturday, who will look adorable in this tutu!  There are still a few spaces available.  


Talent:  Molly

Hat:  Gabs & Eddy

Tutu:  LilyBug Tutus

(Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) Antigonish Photographer Antigonish Portrait Photographer Antigonish Wedding Photographer Jennifer Polson Photography Arisaig Beach Cake Smash Jennifer Polson Photography Nova Scotia Mon, 25 Nov 2013 19:31:27 GMT
Kids Christmas Mini Sessions 2013 ~ Antigonish Photographer I honestly can't believe we are getting close to Christmas.  In just a few weeks I will be holding my first ever in studio Kids Christmas Mini Sessions.  Stephanie Murphy, from LilyBug Tutus has been working on a new tutu to use during these mini sessions.  I am anxious to see what it looks like, and can't wait to use it.


Contact me for more information, and to book your spot.


**The studio space is limited in size, the number of children appearing in one single photograph may be limited**

Christmas Mini Flyer 2013Christmas Mini Flyer 2013


(Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) Antignoish Portrait Photographer Antigonish Baby Photographer Antigonish Family Photographer Antigonish Photographer Kids Christmas Mini Sessions Mon, 04 Nov 2013 17:05:13 GMT
The Thieu's ~ A Halifax Family Scott and I met a few years ago at an Applehead Studio Photography workshop in Halifax.  We became fast friends, and bounce a lot of photo talk off of one another, which is probably a relief to our spouses.  I mean really, how much photo talk can one take?

We shot this in a beautiful park not far from their home.  Scott and I had planned to shoot later that night with our off camera flash gear, so luckily enough I had it with me in the truck.  I don't usually use it in my family sessions, but I was thrilled with the results!  The first three photos are natural light, the remaining are all OFC.

Thanks Scott and Jill for a lovely meal, a great shoot and a comfy bed!  :)  See ya next time!

Oh, and check out the last picture of Scott and Jill, who do you see on the doorstep?  I think she likes me!



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The Putnam's ~ Antigonish Family Photographer I thought on this cold and wet October morning, it would be a good chance to update the blog with this beautiful family!  Look how lovely the end of September was!
IMG_7892IMG_7892 IMG_7911IMG_7911 IMG_7924IMG_7924 IMG_7948IMG_7948 IMG_8041IMG_8041 IMG_7989IMG_7989 IMG_8030IMG_8030 IMG_8085IMG_8085 IMG_8004IMG_8004

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Meet My Family ~ An Antigonish Family Photographer  

What an amazing weekend we had camping at Nimrod's Campground located in Stillwater, just out side of Sherbrooke, NS.  We travelled to Nimrod's (one of our favourite camping sites in the Province), with 3 other families to celebrate Thanksgiving and wrap up our camping season.  It was one of the most relaxed weekends we have ever had, and we're already planning for next year.  The lake and fall colours, along with some spectacular weather made for a memorable weekend.


I knew if we were going to be at Nimrod's in the Fall I definitely wanted to take our own family photos there.  Leave it to me to remember to bring my light stand and leave my tripod at home, so thankfully my good friend Michelle stepped in to take our photos.  Not easy for someone who's not used to using my big camera, and has no idea what back button focus is, but Michelle you did AWESOME and we can't thank you enough!


So, here's a little peek at what makes the Polson's tick, and some pretty Fall photos from the campground!


IMG_9502IMG_9502 IMG_9402IMG_9402 IMG_9390IMG_9390 IMG_9422IMG_9422 IMG_9498IMG_9498 IMG_9405IMG_9405 IMG_9457IMG_9457 IMG_9430IMG_9430 IMG_9537IMG_9537 IMG_5557IMG_5557 IMG_5797IMG_5797 IMG_5799IMG_5799 IMG_9660IMG_9660
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The MacLeod's ~ Antigonish Family Photographer IMG_7306IMG_7306 IMG_7311IMG_7311 IMG_7390IMG_7390 IMG_7465IMG_7465 IMG_7502IMG_7502 IMG_7793IMG_7793 IMG_7832IMG_7832 IMG_7327IMG_7327 IMG_7378IMG_7378

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Beauty at Sundown ~ Antigonish Photographer I love sunset sessions!  Laurenne contacted me several months ago about doing some creative work together while going to school here, and think for our first time it went really well!  It was a great opportunity for me to work with both natural light and off camera flash!  I love using off camera flash for sunset portraits  The colours in the sky can be so dramatic!


Thanks Laurenne, you were awesome to work with, and you've certainly left an impression on my children!  Looking forward to some more great creative work with you in the future!


Model:  Laurenne Mercier


IMG_8118aIMG_8118a IMG_8141aIMG_8141a IMG_8153aIMG_8153a IMG_8193aIMG_8193a IMG_8234aIMG_8234a

(Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer) Antigonish Photographer Jennifer Polson Photography Laurenne Mercier Model Sunset Mon, 07 Oct 2013 12:49:23 GMT