Jennifer Polson Photography ~ Antigonish Photographer | About

Jennifer has been a professional photographer since 2007 photographing everything from weddings to landscapes.  Her latest passion is the night sky, and can be found on a beautiful clear night with her good friend and photographer Shauna Ross, traipsing along the shoreline chasing sunsets, the northern lights, and their children!  Jen says "It's incredible and sometimes scary to stand in complete darkness, freezing our arses off, and suddenly the trees move, or the coyotes howl, but after we fire off an exposure and see what's really out there, there's no other feeling like it."


Jen also runs the business side of Applehead Studio Photography, producing shoots, organizing workshops, and managing the day to day business for Liam and Steph.  AND, she manages a Halifax based photo booth company called Halifax Photo Booth. Owned by Liam of Applehead fame, and Scott Rideout of True North DJ!

Jen lives on the Sunrise Trail, in one of the most beautiful places in Nova Scotia.  The rocks and picturesque cliffs of the shoreline make for a beautiful backdrop for photos.   If you're ever passing through Arisaig, the sunsets are amazing, the lighthouse has fantastic ice cream, and if you're lucky enough, and know how to swing it, you might catch the northern lights on a clear night.

Photo by Steph of Applehead Studio Photography