A Farming Family ~ Antigonish, Nova Scotia Family Photographer

May 28, 2013  •  17 Comments

Sunday night I had the opportunity to meet and photograph the Tate family.  Tracy and I had been emailing back and fourth discussing how the shoot was going to unfold, I knew from the very first email it was going to be awesome.  She had my attention when she mentioned a farm, 1956 John Deer tractor and an old barn!  UM YEAH!  Our Spring has been pretty rotten, we had snow last weekend, heavy rain this weekend, but Sunday worked out beautifully!  There was wind and it was a bit chilly, but the sky was awesome, with big white fluffy clouds.  Dad has lived on this farm his entire life!  It's a beautiful dairy farm in Frasers Grant, and when you climb to the top of the field where deer and a bear roams around you can see the point of Cape George!  It was so beautiful and peaceful!  They have a little piece of heaven!  I left this session with a huge smile on my face, and thinking to myself this is why I love to photograph and meet families.  You guys were awesome!  Thanks for having me out to the farm!




17.Kim MacPherson Furtado(non-registered)
Beautiful family and photos. I have such fond memories of The Tate family NS as a child!
16.Cathy Berkvens(non-registered)
Looking great, neighbours!! Beautiful pictures Jennifer!
15.Larry Simmons(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures of a wonderful family. This is what every family dreams to be. Proud to be an American cousin!
14.Kate Landry(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures
13.Maria VanBerkel(non-registered)
The picture look great!!!
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