45 Church St. (Antigonish Photographer)

April 17, 2012  •  4 Comments

45 Church St. Large Vintage Home for Sale AntigonishIMG_1069


This morning on my bike ride through the Arisaig Park, I found my mind drifting to my childhood growing up on Church St.  I guess today the memories became more prominent after reading so many comments from friends on my facebook page as they learned the house is up for sale.  We can't look at it as a sad time, but as a time to remember the years spent in that house together.  It was our family that made 45 Church St. so special!  Dad broke all the rules by being a stay at home father (why, he even ended up in the pages of Frank Magazine because of it), while Mom worked, and still does as family physician.  I have always been proud first and foremost to say that I am a McKenna from Church St., and secondly to be the oldest sister to five other amazing McKenna's all of whom were raised by two amazing parents.


45 Church St. Large Vintage Home for Sale AntigonishIMG_1075

Our memories are in our hearts and they will travel with us wherever we call home, and when we all get together it's fun to share the most memorable.  Like the time just before my father died.  He came out here to Arisaig for a visit on a Saturday morning, and my phone rang.  It was my mother calling to give my father a message and all she said was "Tell your father it WAS a stranger."  I relayed the message and he began to laugh hysterically.  I'll make this a short version, but apparently they found someone sleeping in my brothers bed.  My parents woke up to find a pair of very large shoes at the foot of the stairs, and thought one of the kids friends spent the night, until my brother Patrick showed up.  Poor bugger thought he was at the top of Church St., and walked into the wrong house.  Patrick kicked the bed and told him to get up.  As the story goes, he wasn't a small house guest (football player like), but he took the time to remove all the little trinkets my mother had so carefully dressed the bed up with, and laid them on the table.  He quickly left apologizing, and mom peeked her head around the corner and said "if we had known you were coming, we would've made you breakfast!"  OR, do any of you remember the time my father posted the sign on one of the big trees during Christmas?  This was the year that someone stole the Christmas decorations from outside the house, they were full size Santa Claus and his Mrs.  The sign read something like this:  "Please return Santa you miserable bastards, thanks for ruining our Christmas, we wouldn't do that to your familly!"  Ha!  Little did they know we'd find out who they were!  So so many stories! IMG_1137IMG_1137 IMG_1115IMG_1115 IMG_1109IMG_1109


Life goes on and things change, but it is our memories that keep our home a home!


To see more photos of the house at 45 Church St., Antigonish click on this link http://halifax.kijiji.ca/c-real-estate-houses-for-sale-Large-Vintage-Home-Antigonish-W0QQAdIdZ370996004


Mom is also selling our family cottage, located in Arisaig, Nova Scotia (my front yard, actually).  For me, it will be difficult to say goodbye (it must be moved), to a place I spent my summers in with my grandparents Teenie and Neil.  But, as I said above "Life goes on and things change, but it's our memories that keep our home a home."  I am so lucky to be able to live in almost the very same spot I spent so many summer days as a child.  Arisaig is a place like no other.  http://truro.kijiji.ca/c-ViewAd?AdId=368805218&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social+Media&utm


This blog post just made me tear up. So true - our family home is always that. You value the neighbours around you and the memories made there. You have the ability to tell wonderful stories through your images, Jenn. That is a gift!
Ann Ouellette(non-registered)
We had quite the little neighbourhood going on Church Street--we at 105, you and Grandpa Neil (then the Chinese boys) in your Grandfather's house, and Patsy, Boyd and the crew just down the street. Still remember Alex and Emily hanging out of our trees--- picking worms. (Always thought those two would get married) We enjoyed our time on Church Street greatly not only for the beautiful historic homes we all lived in , but the beautiful people who surrounded us as well.

Great memories!
Jim Burke(non-registered)
Wow the house looks amazing, sure gonna miss it! We have some great memories from Church St lobster scoffs with Sock O Beans on the back porch! Miss and Luv U Guys Jimmy, Leah, Maddy and Johnny
Bev Renny(non-registered)
Beautifully written, Jennifer. I remember driving by your yard many, many times and there was always a gaggle of kids. I've known your parents all my life and there are no better people. Yes, Boyd did break all the rules by staying at home to raise his children, and what a wonderful job "Patsy Jean" (that shows you how far back I go) and Boyd did. Your mother also broke the rules by becoming one of the first female physicians to graduate, at a time when men still dominated the field of medicine. I knew your grandparents as well, so you had two generations watching over you, and God Almighty help you, all of you, if you did anything to shame the Smith-McKenna name. I laughed about your father's sign. That would be vintage Boyd, as it would have been vintage Neil, his Dad. Bless you all as you say goodbye to a home that has welcomed you, sheltered you and watched you grow to the mature (I know, the jury's still out on that!) adults you've become, an asset to any community. You leave 45 Church St. in good stead. God bless. xo Bev
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